Training & Education

What is this? I can teach you how to SHORT from the top, COVER at the bottom, LONG at support and then SELL into resistance. I know, I do this not for the money but for the love of trading.
For those who are interested in joining my live lessons, live trading sessions and FREE 15-week trading course click here.
True to my Bloom Effect philosophy for living and for learning, please join me as I continue to give back to our trading community. As the lead trading coach and lead instructor in the United Traders trading community, I have assembled a team of experienced professional and proprietary traders to deliver the lessons of technical and fundamental analysis in the best way possible. It is my personal ambition to give you the best of everything completely free. United Traders is operated by seasoned traders who share the same passion and compassion for others in the journey we call short-term trading (tactical asset allocation) and long-term investing (strategic asset allocation).
The United Traders trading room allows all members to participate in the following:
  • Live streaming of real-time market scans
  • Live lessons of entry and exits
  • Real-time VOICE and open-mic trade executions
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly live instruction of risk management, portfolio management, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading psychology and market philosophy
  • Professional techniques of disciplined trading and strategy
  • Learn to create watch lists, time entries, take profits, cut losses, study level 2, study market depth, candlestick analysis and more.
Together as an organization, this team of intra-day traders and long-term investors spans across the various strategies and methodologies of extracting money from the capital markets including: long-term position investments, short-term swings, intra-day momentum plays long/short.
Nothing in trading is certain and you are prone to lose money before you make money. You might even lose your shirt hopefully not your pants. That won’t be good right? If markets were easy, I would be on a boat eating sushi, drinking chocolate milk and getting my nails done. Instead I am doing what I love most in life teaching and trading! But hey, at least we can do this together and this is the first step conquering your fears of trading by joining us. Shoot me an email and I will do a reference check first, just kidding. Click here. =)
The vision of United Trading Capital is to deliver the highest quality of care and superior returns across all disciplines of the capital markets in a diligent and prudent manner to inspire the next generation of professional investors.
The mission of United Trading Capital is to become the world’s leading network for institutional and proprietary trading through mentorship with the lifetime goal of independent wealth and the continuous pursuit of philanthropy.


“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.”
– Coco Chanel