Trade space for time.

I owe you an apology but I do not expect forgiveness. Do you expect the market to be forgiving? In fact, you aren’t suppose to have any expectations when dealing with the market.
My superbloom account remains active for the time being you can still follow me and one day I will post again. I am only stepping away for a short period of time to focus on getting my professional finance designation. I owe my followers several classes and several lessons. I know and I will certainly deliver them to you. I left with such short notice but that is the past. In my return we will focus on the exit strategy. Yes, I want to give you the lesson of your lifetime. I want to give you the ability to exit any trade without fear and without ever second guessing. I want to give you the mindset to exit a trade without any regret.
I have a degree in finance. I worked for an investment bank for one summer. But, what people don’t know about me is that I also have a degree in foreign policy and strategy. That summer I was working at the bank and in the evening, I was studying international relations. Francis Fukuyama’s office was down the hall from my classes and my roommate worked at former President Obama’s office in Washington D.C. I am a student of warfare, planning, diplomacy, pragmatism, negotiation and seduction. As I have grown up, my moves in life become more calculated and unpredictable in nature. Why is that important? The market is a war between the bulls and the bears in every candle and in every time frame.
Matthew, please email me for I have one rule, I simply never reply to anyone in public. Oh yes, please read the image above! “Sometimes you can accomplish most by doing nothing.” That is right? Quit micromanaging your trades! Once you get in, please allow the trade to do what you intend it to do without baby sitting it.
Once you get into a trade only two things can happy, you either get stopped out or you reach your profit target. Right? Once you have a made an important decision only two things can happen…