I am jealous.

I laughed so hard at my desk my sister thought there were 3 girls in my office having a slumber party. Lights out, party’s over.
How come no one ever calls me out? I miss the attention. I wanted to make this clear and be honest with everyone. You are right. I am jealous of how fast you get followers and I am so jealous you are making money. That is why I taught you and many others how to trade. So that when they make money I cry and be jealous! Does that even make sense? I am here to compete and make you a loser. But, I will also give you the skill and resources to compete against me. I am just that good.
Also, you are not allowed to get into a trade before your customers, clients and the public at large because we have a fiduciary care to protect them. This is called the priority of transactions.
Front-loading and front-running is a strategy to get into a trade or transaction before their competitors (not their clients and prospective clients) due to their competitive advantage and research. This is permitted because banks and hedge funds research and run models to determine where best to allocate their money in hopes of making money. And if you do it wrong, it can be misconstrued as insider trading. By the way, as these banks get in they are not alerting their subscribers. LOL.
This is what you are doing. You are colluding with several others with the ability to influence the price and volume of a thinly traded stock with the intent and purpose to deceive the capital markets for personal gain. This is not front-loading is it? This is a scheme to manipulate the markets.
I know right, I want to be an attorney too. I sound so good.

Guess who else is stealing all your calls? Why don’t you call me out? That is right.