What kind of trader are you?

You are either a consistent and profitable trader or you are not. Right? You either trade like a professional or you chase stock around all day and make a bunch of trading errors so you lose all your money.
There are critical reasons why you are not making the consistent money you think you should. First, lets remind ourselves making money in trading is easy but being able to consistently make profit over a long time horizon is very difficult.
You are either a trader who has no profitable trading system or you do have a profitable trading system. Are you a trader with an edge? Meaning, are you a trader that has a system that you can trust and rely on with confidence? If you don’t have a system that works for you, then must study more, and figure out a system that works. It can be very simple or it can be very complicated. That is up to you.
Now, let’s say you have a trading system that works 90% of the time. Why is it that you still are not making consistent profits every day? It is because you fall into this category: the trader who has a system that works but is unable to follow their system. The reason for this has everything to do with psychology. You are impatient, you lack discipline, you are emotional, you are fearful. You need more practice and you need more confidence. There are millions of reasons why you can’t follow your own system. You must figure out why you can’t follow your own rules?
I am pointing it out right now. There are people who can make calls all day about which stocks to buy and trade, but can’t make money at all. This is because no one can teach you how to think and feel when you are in a trade even if you have perfect entry. This comes with practice, effort and time.
Does that make sense?