The will to win is not enough.

The will to win in trading and in life is not enough to achieve success. It isn’t. The understanding of all technical analysis, fundamental analysis and even mental analysis will not make you a winner or a consistent profitable trader. Mark Douglas calls this the profit gap or the psychological gap. Basically, understanding all the concepts to trading, having an edge over the entire market and having an incredible technical strategy won’t help. Having the will to win won’t help. You must have the ability to do it with no hesitation, no fear, and no emotion. You must trade like a machine. I must trade like a systematic program.
How do we get there? It takes a ton of hard work, dedication, strategy. But, in trading in specific it takes time and practice. It takes a ton of failure, self-awareness, and self-reflection. We must study every trade and see why we lost or made money. The secret here is to figure out exactly why we made money and why we lost money on a psychological perspective. Does that make sense?
On every trade it is not about the entry and exit that we need to focus on. We need to focus on why and how we felt when we entered the trade, how we felt when the market was moving and how we felt when we exited the trade. The desire to make money must be overcome by the insurmountable amount of time and practice you put into upstanding your trade so that you can develop the ability to trade. The ability to live will make you successful in life and the ability to trade will make you successful in trade. Not the will to win.
In the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor, the will to win lost to the individual who had the ability to win. Does this make sense? Everyday, we must inspire ourselves to be the greatest trader ever.