Trading is a mental sport.

Like all sports we play and practice, we must take a damn break. We must because we will get fatigued and worst of all lose sight of the overall market direction and trend. I know this is obvious but it is very hard to do. Trading can be very addicting for all the wrong reasons.
I took a break the last few days to read! I took my mind off the market and I meditated and reviewed the worse trades I did in my mind. It was so vivid and so clear. My emotions were the same. And I made the exact same mistake in memory. This is a good exercise because now I know I am just too emotional sometimes when I am in a trade. I can’t admit that I am wrong! This will destroy in the long run because I won’t respect my stop loss. I can’t believe I made the same mistakes in my own brain! Why is that? And will I make the same mistake in the future!? Yes, I will because I have not overcome this fear and have not proven to myself in the markets I can and have not built the confidence to do so.
Let’s make this clear now there is a big difference between understanding the concepts of trading and being able to execute the trades in a profitable and consistent manner. It will take a lot of focus and mental discipline. You can memorize all the chart patterns on earth and still suck at trading. So trading is like a mental sport which requires practice and practice and practice and practice until you can do it without even hesitating and with a care-free mind.