Time value of discipline.

This is a special post and the only one of its kind because I will continue to revise and edit this post as time goes on. I’d like this post to reflect my feelings about life and trading in the most concise manner. Each day, I will grow as a person and as trader so this post will grow with me and with us. My insights and principles for living and for trading we be kept here in this very post. All my other posts will be deleted with time except this one. This is where I will keep all my principles of living and trading. These words are the essence of who I am and who I will become now and forever.

There is a great parallel for successful living and for successful trading and that is self-discipline. Self-discipline requires time, effort, focus, will power, mindfulness and grit. Nothing in this life will come easy. Some want fame, some want fortune, but everyone wants freedom. Trading will get us freedom if we are willing to make sacrifices, be broken, be uncomfortable, study, work hard, help others, reflect and breathe. Aren’t these the same ingredients to successful living?

Why is helping others important? The more you help others the more you help yourself. For example, I have studied all my #bloomplay lessons before I post them. So I am learning by helping you learn. I’ve become an expert in technical strategy because I have helped you along the way.